June 4, 2023


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3 Best Open Source Low Code Application Development Platforms

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When something is newly introduced in the market, there are a plethora of news tools and open source alternatives. The adoption of the newly introduced takes time and resources. The same is the case for the open source low code application development platforms. About 50 tools have been tried and tested by the creators of the fastest growing platform. A lot of time took to gather the knowledge. So, we have selected to share our thoughts with the world.

3 Best Open Source Platforms:

1.  Budibase:

Budibase is an open-source low-code platform. It has improved team productivity. Building apps has become easier and faster via this platform. Businesses like IBM, Proctor, Gamble, Rakuten, etc., are making the best use of this platform internally.

It utilizes internal databases and also has integrations. Product Features include:

·         Automating forms within your business.

·         User-friendly portals for teams and customers.

·         Fast building of internal tools for team members.

·         Create Admin panels for managing data.

2.     Joget:

Joget DX is also a low-code platform for faster and simpler digital transformation (DX). It is considered the new generation in open source low-code platforms. It combines the best of:

1.      Rapid Application Development

2.      Business Process Automation

3.      Workflow Management.

Joget has more than 200k open-source downloads. It also has a greater number of community members (more than 12k). The recent and massive release of Joget DX is considered the next-generation successor to its workflow. The low-code application development platform is very handy and flexible to use.

·         Web App log viewer

·         Enhanced workflow

·         Web push notifications and online support

·         Progressive Web Apps and User Experience

·         Extensibility via Add-on Builders

·         Built-in Application Performance Management

·         Bundled no code rules Engine

4.     Convertigo

You can now make an application you want, from handy workforce apps to Enterprise Grade multi-device transactional applications. You can help companies to enhance their business.

You better adopt open source low code app development platforms sooner. Why work on traditional complex methods when you can make your business operate more efficiently. Open-source has allowed you to deliver complete applications faster and in a cheaper way.

Convertigo’s solution has the following benefits:

·         Data Security and Authentication

·         Back-end Business Logic and workflows

·         Offline data and task scheduling

·         Responses via Web and Mobile

·         Monitoring Activity

·         Data and API connectors

Final Verdict:

Open source low-code app development platforms are made to make the process of app development user-friendly. The platforms ensure security and save time. Developing within this framework will never compromise the security of your end-users.

That’s why low-code and no-code designs have developed a new environment of technology. There is no impediment to entry for those with little or no knowledge of application development.

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