prediction Apple company will release a new smartphone whose screen can be folded like other competitor smartphones that have already been released.

besides that this smartphone is very much in demand, so how about iPhone later releases a new product with a folding screen …?

If you look at this new smartphone that has been released which is already busy in the market, the iPhone 12 offers are currently very trending, especially later if the phone with a folding screen feature can boost the world of trending or smartphones today.

Apple is reportedly developing a line of foldable iPhones. Now a new report says the company is developing a folding screen prototype before internal testing.

Launching Phone Arena, this test is still limited to the screen prototype, not to other parts. But reports say that this foldable phone will be the same design as other smartphone competitors where the phone is folded from top to bottom (clamshell).

This folding iPhone appears to have the same dimensions as the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is 6.7 inches. Unlike the folding series released by Samsung, the hinge display that is shown is not too flashy.

While previous reports said that Apple’s line of foldable iPhones had passed the endurance test.

Information from Taiwanese Publication Money states that two foldable Apple iPhone phones have been tested at a Chinese factory. One of the cell phones is a folding device that opens sideways.

While this phone has a foldable clamshell design similar to other competitors.

Apple foldable phones are expected to appear in late 2022 or 2023, and if that is true, many iphone fans will flock to buy them with this variant.