May 31, 2023


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How to Have Superhuman Confidence Around Women – Three Mind Hacks to Boost Your Confidence Levels

Being shy around a girl is a common problem when it comes to guys. A lot of guys simply aren’t confident enough to truly believe that girls could like them despite their weaknesses. Shy guys know very well what their weaknesses are and tend to dwell on them all the time. So, whenever a girl rejects him, a guy’s confidence drops like a hot potato.

Obviously, you need to improve how you see yourself before you can truly become a guy that can get a girl’s attention anytime you want. You need to improve your overall confidence until getting rejected simply doesn’t bother you anymore.

How To Have Superhuman Confidence Around Women – Three Mind Hacks To Boost Your Confidence Levels

Hack #1: Be Impervious To Rejection.

Do not let rejection bother you. As a matter of fact, you should never think about it. Always assume that a girl has her own problems and rejecting you has nothing to do with you, your looks or your actions.

If you do end up getting rejected by a girl because she isn’t interested in what you have to offer, do not worry too much. Every girl has different tastes, so getting rejected by one of them does not necessarily mean that they will all reject you. You simply have to keep looking for more fish in the sea.

Hack #2: Show Off Only The Positive.

Knowing what you’re worth comes with a lot of benefits. First of all, you need to narrow your limitations down and know your strengths. Whenever you are out to meet girls, you need to focus on your positive traits while downplaying your negative ones.

Hack #3: Stay In Control.

Guys that have no confidence tend to give girls too much power. They rely solely on what a girl says and therefore get hurt whenever girls put down how they look, for example.

A good way to stay in control during conversations would be to make use of hypnosis. Never let girls control how conversations flow and instead let them depend on you emotionally in less than 15 minutes. One technique known as fractionation is guaranteed to make any girl of your choice fall for you in no time.

Fractionation works because it gives a woman the emotional thrill that she does not usually get in her life. By making her feel both sadness and happiness (in quick successions), you will get her to be emotionally addicted to you in mere minutes. It is super effective indeed.