The Samsung Galaxy range of smart phones has seen great success over the last few years. The Samsung Galaxy S2 was one of the most popular Google Android phones to be released and they are looking to build on that success with the Samsung Galaxy S3. There has been a lot of speculation about the new handset but Samsung have finally confirmed all of the details at a recent press event.
One of the biggest things that Samsung have changed is the general appearance of the new handset. The curved edges make it feel really nice to hold in the hand and it is very slim and slender. I have to admit though I don’t really like the look of it that much and prefer the designs of the older Galaxy mobile phones. The phone does stand out from the crowd with its unique styling though.
The most striking part of the handset though is the screen it really is beautiful. Although it’s not the first HD display we have seen on a phone it is still eye catching. The quality of the screen is especially noticeable when you compare it against the older Galaxy S2. The screen really does help mobile offers today to bring the phone to life whether you’re using it to watch a video or surf the web. The detail and clarity of the screen really is something you need to see for yourself and it makes the iPhone 4s Retina display look poor in comparison.
They have also added a few unique tweaks to the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which runs the phone. One of the most interesting ones is called Smart Stay which is designed to make the battery last longer. When you look away from the screen the phone will automatically dim the display to save the battery. When you look at the screen it will then be lit up again. This is a great idea as the screen tends to use the most battery so any savings that can be had are welcomed.
There are lots of other upgrades hidden away inside the phone itself. The quad core processor will make short work of any task you throw at it and will make sure your phone is running smoothly at all times. The 8 megapixel camera has seen a few changes and improvements to offer better quality images. You will be able to get the phone in a variety of memory capacities so you can keep hold of your precious music, photos and videos.
You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 from a reputable online retailer right now. I would suggest you shop around and hunt out of the best deal for you. There are thousands of offers to choose from so make sure you compare them all.