June 6, 2023


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Trinocular Lens Makes Digital Wigglegrams Easier To Take

Trinocular Lens Makes Digital Wigglegrams Easier To Take

Everyone likes a very good animated GIF, apart from for some Hackaday commenters who apparently prefer to live a joyless existence. And we cannot consider of a much better way to rejoice relocating photos than with a 3D-printed trinocular digicam that makes electronic Wigglegrams a snap to create.

What’s a Wigglegram, you say? We’ve observed them right before, but the primary thought is to choose three separate photographs by means of a few unique lenses at the exact time, so that the parallax error from each individual lens outcomes in three somewhat distinct perspectives. Stringing the a few frames with each other as a GIF afterwards benefits in an fascinating illusion of depth and movement. According to [scealux], the inspiration for constructing this digicam arrived from photographer [Kirby Gladstein]’s work, which we have to confess is quite interesting.

Whilst [Kirby] employs a distinctive lenticular film digicam for his photographs, [scealux] determined to get started his establish with a Sony a3600 mirrorless digital digicam. A 3D-printed lens human body with a focusing system holds three modest lenses which were being harvested from disposable 35 mm movie cameras — are those even now a issue? Just about every lens sits in front of a established of baffles to regulate the mild and ensure every single of the 3 pictures falls on a distinct section of the camera’s graphic sensor.

The resulting trio of illustrations or photos displays considerable vignetting, but that only provides to the allure of the concluded GIF, which is made in Photoshop. That’s a guide and considerably tiresome process, but [scealux] suggests he has some macros to speed factors up. Grainy nevertheless they may perhaps be, we like these Wigglegrams we really don’t even despise the vertical format. What we’d definitely like to see, while, is to see every little thing carried out in-camera. We’ve found a GIF camera prior to, and though automating the post-processing would be a problem, it would seem possible.