VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting is the perfect means between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. When the features and resources offered by Shared Hosting don’t map your requirements, VPS Hosting becomes the natural upgradation, with its virtualised environment and account isolation. However, for users that witness extremely high traffic, even VPS Hosting may cede the need. This is where Dedicated Server Hosting peeps in.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

As the name suggests, Dedicated Server Hosting implies hosting the website on a server that is solely dedicated to the user. Put simply, Dedicated Hosting gives users the freedom to lease an entire server without having the need to share the same with other users.

Dedicated Hosting is entrusted with maximum security, greater reliability, and minimal downtime. The fact that the leased server is dedicated to a website or the business, owners have total control over the server. From installing software solutions to configuring operating systems and running antivirus, the Dedicated Server Hosting encompasses all.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

  1. Superfast pace load speed corresponds to higher and better performance.
  2. Ability to install software important to run heavy e-commerce or gaming sites.
  3. Ability to scale the existing server space without having an impact on the running servers and further customize it as per the needs of the business.
  4. Eliminates the need to purchase or manage the equipment for server hosting.
  5. Handle loads of traffic without disrupting the site efficiency.
  6. If you opt for SSD-based Dedicated Hosting it further amplifies the speed and performance.

When To Upgrade From VPS Hosting?

It is, by now, clear that Dedicated Hosting is the superlative of all forms of hosting solutions. Even though Dedicated Server Hosting renders hordes of benefits, it comes with its share of limitations. The most important being its cost. The price and plans of Dedicated Hosting are expensive as compared to all other hostings.

The question that stands undeterred is when to opt for Dedicated Hosting? Suited best for the large scale organizations or the eCommerce sites, one should scale to Dedicated Hosting when:

  1. System performance is of paramount importance: As Dedicated Hosting has the entire server allocated to the business, the speed of website loading is extremely fast, and the performance is robust.
  2. Security is the crux of your business: VPS Hosting involves a single physical server for multiple websites. Security here might get compromised and prove fatal when your business has vital customer information. It is best to invest in Dedicated Hosting, as it ensures total encryption and all-round safety.
  3. Website Traffic Exceeds VPS Slices: When the traffic count of a website exceeds the normal count (one that cannot be fulfilled by VPS Hosting), Dedicated Hosting is the best choice. Dedicated Hosting is solely specific to a business and can sustain greater traffic volumes.
  4. Seek More Resources: Finally, when the allocated disk space, bandwidth or the CPU and RAM fail to meet the needs, it’s time to upgrade. Scaling plans is also an option, but keeping in mind the additional benefits of Dedicated Hosting, it appeals more as the hosting solution.

Final Word

Even though VPS Hosting is cost-effective and offers services similar to Dedicated Hosting, there are times when you need to upgrade. Given the perks of Dedicated Server Hosting, it seems a better choice in the long run.