I’m sure you might be quite surprised and shocked by the question. Are phones cheap? You might even begin to wonder which planets you have been living in that makes you unaware of such a claim. The affordability of a phone varies among individuals, as what seems so expensive for a particular individual might be very cheap for another. Aside from that, we are not trying to mean there aren’t very expensive phones; we have a lot of those in the market. However, you should recognize that there are a large number of phones with limited functions, that are very cheap. It would even interest you to know that there are also good smart phones with similar functions to the expensive ones. The obvious truth is that we majorly pay attention to trendy phones from popularly recognized brands, but there are cheap but efficient phones available for sale in most mobile phone companies. The next few sections will be centered on giving you reasons why these phones are quite affordable.


Most smartphones today come with similar features, with little or very limited differences. This gives customers a whole lot of options and brands to select from, since they are all so similar. To attract patronage from customers, brands have to reduce the price value to increase their competitive advantage in the market. However, before you settle for a particular model of phone, you should first research by reading US-reviews and other such review platforms where you will find the experiences of existing and previous customers of the phone.

Geographic location

Most phone manufacturing countries, usually sell their phones at a cheaper price compared to how much it is been sold in other countries. This is because people who buy phones manufactured in their country do not necessarily have to pay a high amount for shipping cost or other taxes that affects the prices for those that buy it internationally. Brands that have a local manufacturing unit within a community are likely to sell phones at a cheaper rate to those in that community.

Standard of living of the locality

Cheaper phones are available in most areas where they have a low standard of living. In such locality, manufacturing units might have been set up to cut down the cost of production and distribution. In truth, selling phones at an expensive price in such locations will yield little or no sales, hence, the need for cheaper alternatives.

The market value of phones depreciate as new models emerge

If you are looking forward to getting a particular model of phone, and you can’t afford it because of its prize value, the best thing to do is to wait until an upgraded version of such a model is released. Upon the release of the newer model of the same phone, the older model appears to lose its market value and thus its price reduces. This is mainly because as newer models come in, there will be a decrease in demand for older models of phones, as more focus will be on the latest model. Most people’s fear is that the older model might lacks in certain functions available in the upgrade, but this is not always the case, like some other times the differences in functions are minute and might not necessarily count.