Why to Choose WordPress Hosting Services?

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While hand-coding your website used to be the best and sometimes the only option, it’s no longer an efficient choice. This is especially true if you’re planning to build an interactive site, promote your products and services, or create an e-commerce portal. Most sites simply require too many functions to be built from scratch.

That’s where a content management system like WordPress comes in. This blogging tool includes a wide range of pre-built themes and plug-ins that’ll make it easy to put together a unique site without a lot of tech expertise. With the right host, you won’t even have to custom-configure any of the elements. Your whole site will go together quickly and easily, and you’ll be able to make your updates and adjustments without the need to consult with an expert. Compared even to other CMSs, WordPress is the simplest, most effective option for the average site owner.

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Security and Safety Considerations

Even the best website can be taken down by a determined attack, but the right WordPress hosting  service can help you reduce the risk. WP Engine offers automatic scanning for hacking attempts on your site, plus the ability to fix the few security issues that get through. If your site is hacked, you’ll receive free help to repair any problems that happen because of the security breach. Between WP Engine’s security and the two well-known firms, they contract with, you’ll be able to know your site is safe and sound.

You should also be able to expect proactive backup functions. There’s no need to do the backups yourself or pay extra to have your host perform them. Customers with WP Engine have access to a free one-click backup and restore function, plus regular WordPress security updates installed as soon as they come out.

Helpful Extra Features

On most Web hosts, you’ll have to do the process of installing and configuring your WordPress plug-ins. While these chunks of code are much simpler to use than a hand-coded site, it can still be a hassle to set them up for your needs. Alternatively, you can choose a site designed specifically for WordPress users, with plenty of curated themes and plug-ins, as well as pre-tuned WordPress installations that are both fast and efficient. Every account also provides a staging area to let you try out new additions to your site with no need to worry about crashes.

Moving from Other Hosting

If you already host your WordPress site with another company, moving can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. The best hosts make it easy to port all your data directly to their servers. For instance, WP Engine offers special assistance moving your site without feeling the need to lock you into a long-term deal. If you don’t have the skills to move your site on your own, you can pay a small extra fee to have the entire site migrated for you.

Once the data has been moved, there are no contracts. If you don’t feel your hosting is providing everything you need, it’s easy to move on to another company. WP Engine is confident enough not to need restrictive contracts.

What Should You Pay?

Pricing for hosting can be a matter of serious debate. A lot of people simply use the cheapest available hosting they can find, but that’s usually a poor strategy. As soon as you run into a problem, your support team may suddenly go missing. It’s often hard to contact the staff at an inexpensive cost to fix a problem or optimize your site.

Choose a Host That’s Meant for You

The world of WordPress site hosting can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to lead to headaches and long hours of comparison. By picking a host that provides services designed with you and your site in mind, you can cut through the confusion! Get your site up and running quickly and reliably with WP Engine’s high-quality WordPress hosting services.