Startling statistics reveal that every 39 seconds, one cyber attack takes place, which can cost you multimillion-dollar in the blink of an eye. Thus, like any other country’s web hosting and domain users, New Zealand Dedicated Server Hosting users are also prone to these attacks.

Now facing this stark reality, the crucial question arises: Can you secure your anonymous Dedicated Server from these attacks and avoid the potential loss? Then the answer is YES. 

Within this article, we explore some of the effective strategies to save your Dedicated Server in NZ from malicious cyberattacks and enhance the security of your Dedicated Server.

Ways to Secure Your Anonymous Dedicated Server From Cyberattacks

  1. Choose a Secure Hosting Provider

First and foremost, choose a reliable hosting provider that offers the best-Dedicated Server Hosting. It is because the hosting provider is the foundation of a secure Dedicated Server that helps you prioritize security and helps to address the various threats through their security measures, approaches, tools, and strategies.

  1. Regular Software Updates

Outdated software serves as the hub of malicious activities, and they are more prone to exploitation by cyber attackers. 

Thus, it is essential to keep your software updated with its latest versions and patch the vulnerabilities if any, timely.

  1. Implement Strong Authentication

Implementing a strong password policy and strong Multi-Factor authentication will help you prevent unauthorized access to your server. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security feature that adds an extra layer of security by serving users in multiple forms. It means the user has to fill OTP (one-time passcode) generated by the verified and authorized devices and users.

  1. Harden Server Settings

Harden your server’s settings by turning off unnecessary services and features. It is because each enabled service can become the entry point for potential attackers. Thus, enable the essential services for your server’s functionality and performance.

  1. Security Configuration and Systems 

You can configure a robust firewall to filter incoming and outgoing traffic that helps prevent unauthorized access and protect your server from various cyber threats. 

Also, you can invest in an advanced security feature that IDPS (Intrusion Detection and Prevention System) helps you to monitor your server for suspicious activities and automatically respond to potential threats by blocking them.

  1. Penetration Testing

Perform regular penetration testing, which means authorized attack by the computer system on your Dedicated Server. It will help you identify the security gaps and vulnerabilities before any attacker leverages them.

  1. Third-Party Software Evaluation

If you’re using third-party software or applications on your server, it becomes essential to check that thoroughly. Otherwise, the poorly coded software installation will make your server the easy victory of cyber attackers.

  1. Regular Backups 

Regular backups are a lifesaver in the case of a cyberattack. Thus, store the backups in different offsite locations. So you quickly restore your server to a secure state if it’s compromised.


Securing an anonymous Dedicated Server from cyberattacks requires various proactive security measures and approaches. By adopting the discussed measures, you can significantly minimize the risk of a cyberattack on your Dedicated Server. Further, choose a reliable Dedicated Hosting service provider that offers a reliable and secure infrastructure to minimize the risk of malicious attacks.

Remember, with time, the threats are evolving, making it essential to stay updated with the latest security tools and measures to maintain a strong defense against potential threats.