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Statistics reveal that globally, 51% of organisations are planning to increase their security investments with regard to cloud hosting, as there has been a 13% increase in ransomware attacks in the last 5 years.

Therefore, taking measures for safeguarding your customer data, which they have entrusted you with robust security through your web hosting services, is essential.

Through this article, let us look into ways in which cloud hosting can promote data security, i.e. aspects that make it a secure type of hosting solution.

Is cloud hosting safe?

Like any cloud technology, when cloud hosting was introduced, it had its concerns with regard to security, but over time, it too matured and became advanced in relation to security.

With traditional hosting, your webpage data gets stored on a hardware server. In contrast, when you look at cloud application hosting, your webpage data is stored across, i.e., in more than just a virtual server, which is linked to various hardware servers.

Further, cloud server benefits through an extra layer of security by adding another layer to safeguard the cloud-based network, isolating your data that not only helps in defending against cyber threats but also makes sure your data is more resilient against any unexpected threat, which ensures that cloud app hosting becomes a reliable and accessible solution for its users.

However, it is also important to note that all cloud application hosting services follow the same level of security standards. Hence, the overall security depends on how well the security standards and protocols are implemented.

Ways in which Cloud Hosting Promotes Data Security

  • Different Tools

Firewalls act like high walls of security for the network, whether it is cloud or not. It can be in the form of hardware, or any software that adds protocols to traffic that makes use of the network, i.e., all the data going in and out is scrutinised and filtered with the help of the firewall, further monitoring suspicious traffic whether everything is working as per rules and protecting and sending sensitive data in.

Basically, it helps create a network virtual barrier between you and others in data systems, and protocols govern the firewall to manage the security in the best possible way.

Further, cloud hosting is also safeguarded through a few tools, such as anti-malware protection, integrity monitoring, intrusion prevention, and logging, which also adds a layer of security.

  • Creates a layer of confidentiality

Keeping your data and log- info private is crucial. In Cloud hosting, we use firewalls as digital guards to control who reaches the network. They check if the requests are legit and keep a record. 

Cybersecurity experts use these logs to spot any shady activity. You can tweak the rules to block unwanted visitors and keep things confidential.

We go a step further with encryption, turning your data into a secret code. It’s like having a lock on your info, and only those with the right key (a private key) can unlock and access it. This way, your sensitive stuff stays safe from prying eyes, whether it’s stored, backed up, or on the move.

  • Compliance

When picking a Cloud Web Hosting service, go for the ones that follow the rules established by the experts. Look for providers approved and certified by bodies like AICPA and their SSAE 18 statement.

 This certification shows they have top-notch security measures in place to safeguard your sensitive information. Keep it safe; go for the certified ones!

  • Works well against DDoS 

DDoS can hit any business hard, causing disruptions and significant costs. These attacks flood a part of the network with tons of traffic, making it malfunction.

To shield against DDoS attacks, you need a strong infrastructure from your service provider. Cloud Hosting is an excellent choice because it spreads its network across many locations worldwide.

 This extra layer of protection makes them better at preventing or dealing with DDoS attacks compared to traditional web hosting. Stay safe with a cloud hosting shield!


A sound cloud hosting service is like a superhero for businesses as it quickly spots problems and uses intelligent solutions to keep things running smoothly. 

Further, it’s fast, cost-effective, and keeps security top-notch. It’s like having a reliable guardian for your online stuff!