Are you thinking of creating the best website design on WordPress but stuck on where and how you have to start?  

WordPress is the most popular website Content Management System (CMS), which gives people easy-to-use, customisable and flexible online website designing and building interfaces.  

As a result, today, nearly 43% or more websites are created through WordPress.  

However, designing a website on WordPress can be overwhelming for beginners. But you can take the initial step by searching for the best Domain name and Hosting Provider in India

Let’s dive more into it and starts with the beginner guide on designing your WordPress website. 

Steps To Building And Designing Your WordPress Website 

  1. Setup Your Domain Name 

Before starting with the website, you must select the perfect domain name for your website, which will work as the name and address of your website in a search engine.  

Therefore, choose a domain name which is easy to remember and reflects your website content.  

  1. Choose A Reliable Hosting Provider 

After selecting the domain name, the other part is to choose a reliable hosting provider for your WordPress website.  

WordPress hosting will ensure that your data will be stored safely and your website is present online via the internet.  

So check to let your web hosting provider offer high uptimes, speed, security features, and more for better website performance. 

  1. Install A WordPress 

After that, you must install WordPress to start designing your website.  

Nowadays, most hosting providers offer one-click WordPress installation, facilitating the setup process for website owners.  

  1. Select A Theme 

After installing the word press, you must select your website theme, which is free, but the premium themes will cost you some money. 

The theme’s design, function, and colour align with your goal and purpose of creating the website.  

You should also have to take care of your target audience while selecting the theme. 

  1. Add Plugins 

Plugins are small software components and programming added to the WordPress website to get enhanced features. They are available in both free and paid versions.  

So make sure that you will do proper research about the different plugins available and add the most genuine and specific plugins according to the need of your website. 

  1. Add Content 

Once you have selected the theme, you have added valuable content, posts, videos, pages and more to your website.  

Ensure that the content you create, or post is not copied, has high-quality relevance, and is optimised for your search engines. 

  1. On-Page Optimisation  

Optimisation of your website is the process which is essential to attract visitors and get the conversion. 

So one must read seo guidelines and then optimise your webpages titles, meta description, content and more with proper keyword stuffing.  

So your website will be available to visitors when they search for the same keyword on which you want to rank. 

  1. Technical Optimisation 

In website design services, technical Optimisation is also an essential factor to take care which includes the speed and accessibility of your website.  

So to increase the page speed, one must optimise and compress caching plugins, images, and several HTTP requests.  

A faster website will lead to a better User experience and high search engine ranking. 


Designing your website may seem like a daunting task initially.  

But anyone with the right resources and guidance can create the best website design that is visually appealing, properly functional and reflects the creator’s idea in this online world.  

So, let’s go on this creative journey and take your business online and attract and retain customers.