The speed and performance of computer/PC system can be affected by various causes. If we can take these causes away from the computer the system will be automatically faster. There are some very simple and essential things that can be applied to speed up PC and certainly these are helpful to regain the lost performance.

By many ways a PC can be optimized. However it is necessary essential to find the root cause of the issue otherwise it becomes very difficult to locate the actual cause of the problem. For an instance if a virus is causing the performance related issues and you are upgrading the hardware this won’t help at all in any circumstance.

There certain important aspects that can be performed to achieve the maximum PC speed and performance within available PC resources.

Remove all infectious programs from your computer

Computer viruses can cause severe damage to your computer and you might face issues such as a slow PC, computer freezing, slow startup, alarming error messages and many other ill effects in your system.

The best possible solution is to run the most updated and an effective antivirus program which could remove all the unwanted and malicious programs from your computer.

Remove inefficient and broken hardware

The hardware part is the most important and bed rock of any computer system. Any hardware piece which is not working, damaged or inefficient hardware (such as Microprocessor) can cause performance related issue in your computer. Verify if you have installed any such piece of hardware and replace it with a working and efficient one. An efficient hardware component is really helpful to speed up a slow PC to a great extent.

Increase RAM

Behind a slow computer/PC RAM is one of the most important factors. If you are running Windows 7 OS and you just have 1 GB or Ram in such case there are possibilities that you will experience the slow PC or many other performance related issues.

Remove corrupt/incompatible and reinstall the latest and compatible drivers

Device driver issues are very common for all Windows systems. If you have any corrupt or incompatible device driver set in your computer you might face the performance and other slow PC errors such as the BSOD.

Replace and reinstall the latest and compatible drivers directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Clean the corrupt Windows registry

Apart from the hardware, a virus and memory related issues the corrupt windows registry and registry problems can make your PC unstable and slow in the performance. Corrupt Windows registry can cause many system related issues.

However repairing the corrupt registry annually is not advisable at all; rather use a reliable and effective Windows Registry Cleaner program which can clean the corrupt registry safely and without affecting the other components of your computer system.

Run Windows system utilities periodically

Windows has many great tools and utilities that are of immense use and very helpful to speed up my PC. Windows Disc Clean up tool, Windows file checker utility, Disk defragmentation and lots more in Windows 7. These tools are really very helpful to speed up PC and can keep your fit and healthy all the time and permanently.

If you have tried all these points and facts and still your computer does not run faster, here you need an expert technical support or you might reinstall your operating system.